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Importance of Food Hygiene during COVID | Sattvik Foods

Importance of Food Hygiene during COVID

We are undergoing a bizarre situation globally. The Coronavirus has already transformed our way of interaction and food production. The possibility of food borne transmission is a concern with each new growing infection. According to the present evidence, the Coronavirus appears to spread as human to human transmission, through close contacts, respiratory droplets, or indirectly through contaminated surfaces that comprise viruses and there is no report of Coronavirus pandemic has been associated with the transmission through food. In the case of Coronavirus, the prime risk engaged in human to human transmission amid food management is from close contact with consumers or food handlers. Thereby, food hygiene during the COVID-19 pandemic is necessitous.

Why Is Food Hygiene Necessitous During COVID-19 Pandemic?

Proper disinfection and cleaning of the food managing environment are more necessitous than ever. Every food processor must apply GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and GHP (Good Hygiene Practices) as suggested by FSSAI to make sure food hygiene and safety in food establishments. Compliance and application to these food hygiene and safety measures can be strengthened by getting Environmental monitoring programs that are basic trends to make sure food hygiene and safety.

There is growing identification that the environments of food processing facilities and other built environments utilized in food making and deployment can be vital sources of chemical pounds, biological agents, and physical dangers that may badly impact food quality and safety.

The spread of Coronavirus has affected the wellbeing, health, livelihoods, and nutrition of the globe and will have long-lasting impacts on people. Nutrition is the strength of human health and growth. The economic, environmental, and nutritional effects are the prime concern of transforming client choices in food safety.

There is also a growing awareness of the connections between dietary options and food demand, worldwide food safety, and environmental results like climate change and water use. There is a requirement of understanding how customer choices for food and drinks are changing and what the associations are for the future. Unhygienic food can lead to poor nutrition. Thereby, manufacturing hygienic and safe food is necessitous to make sure good nutrition.

The food industry’s safety guidelines and standards are emerging and are getting upgraded for matching the global food security standards. In this present Coronavirus pandemic, it’s vital to boost the microbiology testing of the ambiance, personnel hands, and food processing surfaces, to make sure secure food processing ambiance. Environmental sampling activities and environmental monitoring programs can meet many purposes like the authentication of cleaning efficacy and identifying the existence of pathogenic organisms or spoilage in the environment.

Sometimes, environmental monitoring programs in practice include many tests – from indicator organisms and ATP to allergens, spoilage organisms, and pathogens – conducted on different samples gathered across a facility at different time points and with changing frequencies. Basic programs like Environmental hygiene monitoring and pathogen environmental monitoring should be encouraged across the global food industry. Global food standards should concentrate on microbiological techniques alongside chemical techniques. Traditional microbiology testing takes more time for outcomes thereby it’s time for rapid methods to maintain food hygiene during COVID19 for better food safety.

8 Easy Healthy Eating Tips during the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Outbreak

8 Easy Healthy Eating Tips during the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Outbreak

Good nutrition is important for health, especially when the immune system requires a boost. Restricted access to fresh foods may lower chances to continue eating a varied and healthy diet. It can also increase the consumption of extremely processed foods, high in salt, sugar, and fat. However, with limited and few ingredients, you can eat a diet that promotes good health. To support people in staying physically healthy and active while at home, the WHO has created some healthy eating tips during the Coronavirus disease outbreak. Here are a few examples:

1. Eat Green Veggies

Ensure to get the appropriate amount of nutrition by eating green leafy veggies. Due to the COVID-19 crisis, there might be a limitation of veggies. Don’t panic and purchase lots of products in bulk as it will cause food wastage.

2. Drink Sufficient Water

Drink at least 7-9 glasses of water daily as water transports compounds and nutrients in the blood, reduces waste, regulates body temperature, and greases and protects joints.

3. Eat Home-Cooked Meals Only

Spending lots of time at home gives you chances of making recipes that you didn’t have time earlier to make. You can find them online. Experiment with the items you can have.

4. Abstain From Sugary Drinks

Round-the-clock access to the refrigerator must not cause an increased intake of soft drinks. Keep a record of alcohol intake also. Don’t drink excessively.

5. Buy Healthy Snacks

Healthy meals are essential, but you should have healthy snacks also. Instead of salty and sugary snacks, purchase healthy dry fruits, nuts, eggs, yogurt, cheese, and other accessible choices. These healthy snacks will help you make a healthy eating habit.

6. Limit Salt and Sugar Consumptions

While cooking food, restrict the amount of high-sodium ingredients like fish sauce and soy sauce, and salt. Restrict your regular salt consumption to approx 1 teaspoon and utilize iodized salt. Likewise, restrict sugar consumption and select fresh fruits rather than chocolates, cookies, and sweets.

7. Restrict Processed Foods

Fresh fruits and veggies may not be available always when you take fewer visits to shops. Remember that processed foods are cost-effective but not healthy. Sweets, packaged snacks, and ready meals are high in saturated fats, salt, and added sugar. This can lead to other ailments that you cannot afford during this pandemic. When you buy processed foods, ensure they comprise of less of these substances.

8. Have Meals on Time

You can easily lose track of time if you are busy finishing works from a to-do list. But remember that you should fill your belly for staying active. Eating right is not sufficient. You should also eat timely. Having dinner at 11 PM and taking rest for the day is not a good way to digest foods.

Closing Thoughts

Food hygiene is necessitous while dealing with food for preventing any food-borne ailment. Follow the aforesaid healthy eating tips during the Coronavirus disease outbreak. Remove all packaged foods and wash your hands with water and soap before eating any food.

Affordable Catering Services in San Diego | Sattvik Foods

Top Tips to Hire Affordable Catering Services in San Diego for a Winter Party

All winter events are unique. Thereby, you should hire a catering service to make a great menu for matching. Simultaneously, how can you make sure you are hiring the most affordable catering services in San Diego? Also, which things you should seek? Here are a few tips to help you hire affordable catering for your winter event.

If you plan in advance, you can hire the most affordable catering services in San Diego for a winter party.

1. Check how the organization deals with special requests

Different forms and shapes of special requests include:

  • Onsite modifications
  • Last-minute changes
  • Unorthodox venues and themed events.
  • Kosher, Halal, low-sodium, dairy-free, gluten-free and other dietary limitations.

An experienced catering firm knows that modifications are required in a business and prepares for rolling with a sudden punch.

2. Check the sample menu before hiring a catering service

Ask for a sample menu if you need a better sense of how the meals will be ready. This shows the types of dishes the company can make, alongside specialties or most requested products. Make sure and ask if you don’t find your personal favorites on there. After narrowing down your choice, you need to schedule a tasting. The company will have a particular approach to tastings and can walk you through the procedure. In case you are good at tasting, chances are you will be delighted with the complete event menu.

3. Find references & Read reviews

Affordable catering services in San Diego must offer a list of references if requested. Ask previous clients how many times they have utilized the services, what they preferred and what they would require changing.

4. Give particular attention amid the proposal phase

While meeting a catering company, ensure the workspace is organized and clean. Check whether the sales manager is respectful, friendly, and flexible. These features help you continue with similar professionalism. Due to the late proposal, you can have issues of getting call returned.

5. Ask regarding extra services

A catering service offers services to guests whether you select a table service or buffet. Ensure to ask regarding details like napkin, silverware, and china choices. Numerous catering services provide extra services. Check whether they can help with entertainment, chairs and equipment, decor, and other rental options. Full-service affordable services in San Diego make it simple to plan everything through just a single organization rather than arranging everything individually.

6. Check the agreement

Don’t forget to review the agreement before handing over the catering responsibility to a company. Make sure to make the changes that you need to do.

It’s Time to hire The Most Trusted and Affordable Catering Service!

Trust is the prime thing when hiring a catering service in San Diego. Sometimes dining makes up a vital part of a party budget and acts as the main point of the event. With the creatively designed menus of Sattvik Foods, friendly and knowledgeable staff, and stellar reputation, they make sure your winter party exceeds all expectations.

Corporate Lunch Box Catering In San Diego | Sattvik Foods

What to Ask Before Choosing a Corporate Lunch Box Catering In San Diego

Everybody prefers good food while doing business. Perhaps you are hosting a corporate event or a business meeting in San Diego with many clients or colleagues where you will require feeding people lunch for the day. Hiring a corporate lunch box catering in San Diego can help you plan lunch for your clients and colleagues. However, before hiring corporate lunch box catering in San Diego, you must ask promising catering firms some questions to ensure they are the best fit for your gathering.

1. Ask how much experience they have

Ask whether they have catered to the same event before and ask for references. In case you are catering to a gala lunch event at a San Diego venue, or a small business meeting, they must be prepared and equipped for meeting your needs. When they offer references, follow-up them, and ask their experience as a San Diego catering company.

Also ensure they are experienced in serving your venue, else your caterer could fail in serving your guests, like doors which are locked or going by stairs as there is no availability of elevator. In case they haven’t catered to your selected venue before, you should review all the logistics with them, so they are ready for managing everything smoothly amid your business event.

2. Ask what their charges incorporate

Mostly a venue will already have things like chairs and tables. However, you might often require that offered, alongside wait staff and other equipment. Ask your corporate lunch box catering company whether they offer all of that and that incorporate in charges or not. Also ask whether they have any recent task that month, either on service requests or food products.

Sometimes other requirements come with hidden charges also. So ask if things like drinks, sides, napkins, condiments, silverware, cups and plates are incorporated in their charges or there is an up-cost for any of those products. Also, ask whether they have any other hidden fees for setup and delivery. Ask the caterer to provide a written detail and summary of services including your package pricing. If they refuse to do that, they are not the right option for you.

3. Ask about their presentation options

Renting equipment from another supplier for your caterer for serving food can be worse. While plastic-wear and paper may be amazing for some lunch events, relying on the style and your intention, there are other times where you will plan an event that needs better presentation like silverware and real china. Ask your potential caterer whether they can accommodate various event styles with no requirement of the second vendor’s involvement. Your caterer should be the one-stop-shop for setup, foods, and services.


Corporate lunch box catering in San Diego can be as easy or as fancy as you select to make it. Contact Sattvik Foods, a San Diego lunch caterer with a good reputation and plenty of experience. They have plenty of options on their catering menu and you will surely have a unique and delicious meal every day.

Vegan Places to Eat in San Diego in 2019 | Sattvik Foods

Vegan Places to Eat in San Diego

Vegan food is the top food trend of 2019, as shown by a survey by Nisbets that quizzed 850 chefs, catering managers, business owners, and kitchen staff. According to a report by research firm GlobalData, there was a 600% increase in people identifying as vegans in the U.S. in only three years between 2014 and 2017.  This has been true owing to reasons like health, weight loss, environment concern, animal welfare, food allergies and even taste. Since vegan food has taken the food industry by storm, let’s explore some of the finest vegan places to eat across various cuisines in San Diego.

Sattvik Foods (Miramar Rd): A unique culmination of various Indian cuisines with influences from America, Africa and China, Sattvik Foods is the epitome of vegan food in San Diego. According to Yogic culture, Sattvik diet consists of organic foods that are pure for one’s mind, body and soul. Their mouthwatering dishes include Amritsari Gobi Mattar (dish made of cauliflower and peas from the state of Punjab) and a sumptuous Chaat menu consisting of crispy Samosas and Bhel puri(puffed rice, vegetables, tangy tamarind sauce and Indian spices.)

Veganic Thai Café (University Ave): This Thai restaurant serves all-vegan Thai food like dumplings, rice paper rolls, yellow and red curries, etc. Their iced tea is made using coconut milk.

Evolution Fast Food (Bankers Hill): This quaint restaurant is your go-to fast food place for vegan food. It has quite a name for its burgers, tacos, wraps, raw items, shakes, smoothies and desserts.

Kindred (South Park District): Kindred is a cocktail bar serving a variety of snack foods, vegan cheese, craft beer, tea, cold brew coffee, etc. It is known for jackfruit sandwich, savory crepe, french toast, tofu benedict, tacos with avocado, and curried fries. It is the place for psychedelic metal fans who would like a décor with skulls and demon wolf mascot.

Donna Jean (Fifth Ave): Known for vegan comfort foods, Donna Jean would serve you indulgent pizzas, handmade pastas and entrees such as Mac and Cheese and risotto. You can also grab brunch here on Saturdays and Sundays.

Ike’s Sandwiches (Multiple Locations): For sandwich lovers, Ike’s Sandwiches is the place to go. The two San Diego Ike’s outlets are open in Hillcrest and Point Loma. They offer a menu of mouthwatering sandwiches, including several vegetarian sandwiches that can also be made vegan.

Alforon (Rolando):  Alforon is one of the best Lebanese and Mediterranean places in San Diego. It serves meat as well as vegan food. You can choose from a plethora of vegan options like vegan kibbie, dolma, falafel, zaatar bread, and more.

NoW Sushi (Mission Blvd):  For sushi lovers turned vegan, Now Sushi is a great option. Vegan tempura shrimp (made from konjac, a starchy Asian tuber) is rolled with jalapenos in the Rocky while shiitake mushrooms.

Civico 1845 (India St): Civico 1845 is an authentic Italian place with a separate and dedicated vegan menu for both lunch and dinner. They offer an assortment of vegan options like Lasagna Romagnola, stacked with vegan Italian sausage ragut and vegan Parmesan.

Top 8 Tips on How to Choose the Right Catering Services Provider | Sattvik Foods

Top 8 Tips on How to Choose the Right Catering Services Provider

Getting the right catering service provider is not a cakewalk. Food is possibly the most important part of an occasion – it’s even the need for some bachelors who highly miss the home-style food. This is why it is important to choose a company which will be responsible for the food and beverages that you will order. Let’s check out some tips on how to choose the right catering services provider in this piece of blog!

1. Taste the food sample – You receive 2 things from the caterer’s food samples: taste and an idea of how the foods will be presented. When these two don’t fulfill your expectation, you can ask the caterer for making some changes. Ensure that they take your feedback seriously. Also, ask whether the food is cooked before time and kept warm for your corporate party.

2. Read reviews – There are different websites to help you select the right catering services provider like Sattvik Foods. Take some time to seek catering services in those sites and read their review section. Ponder those catering services providers only who have higher rates of reviews.

3. Check references – There will be a list of satisfied clients, but checking all references cautiously will be rewarding, particularly if you find some parts of the service you don’t need. You can ask the service provider for changing or excluding those parts.

4. Research on Google – At maximum times, the most recognized catering services providers have their properly updated social media pages and own website. Navigate to Google and search for catering services near your location. A list of catering services which are near you will most possibly appear on the first page.

5. Check whether they are organized – In case the catering service providers or their sales managers are awkward amid presentations or in case you find any unprofessionalism in the proposal, it can be a sign of disorganization of the service provider. Ignore all possible signs which possibly damage your event management system.

6. Ask your friends – In case you are not convinced with the reviews yet, you can always get recommendations from your friends or family members. Ask a bachelor friend or a party organizer (in case of a corporate event) as you can rely on them for asking this type of question.

7. Check with the venue – Some venues have a list of favorite caterers. This is a benefit, as any of those catering service providers is familiar with the occasion venue. It possibly sounds easy but some venues have strict terms concerning trashes, cleanliness, and other matters. So, hiring a preferred catering service provider avoids penalties.

8. Ask your particular needs – Good catering service providers comply with your terms and predict special needs; for instance – strict timeline, dietary restrictions, late additions amid event, and so forth.

Final Say

For corporate parties, you should rely on a full-service catering service provider like Sattvik Foods to have a great experience and make most of your money. So, consider hiring Sattvik Foods, a reliable caterer to mitigate your stress.

How Cooking Classes Can Build Your Restaurant Brand | Sattvik Foods

A Brief Discussion on How Cooking Classes Can Build Your Restaurant Brand

Cooking is a great way to express your love. When you serve a yummy dish to your close ones on a special occasion, they will definitely show more love towards you. The same goes for the restaurant business also. Serving tasty dishes to your customers helps raise brand recognition for your restaurant. Thereby, joining a cooking class is imperative if you want to build your restaurant brand. In this piece of blog, we will discuss how cooking classes can build your restaurant brand. Let’s read on!

Arranging cooking classes for your guests is a fun way to interact with them. The guests can come and meet all the chefs who cook their food and get a really intimate cooking arrangement. Sattvik Foods has explained how these well-structured classes help restaurants and other groups to make the most out of these.

1. Give your chefs a chance to face the guests

To interact with guests properly, your chefs should get an opportunity to have a face-to-face discussion with guests. Chefs should know people’s preferences and choices. Moreover, they must have the freedom to select the subject of the cooking class.

2. Never be afraid to be ardent

In case you think you require a dedicated place for arranging a cooking class, think twice. The team of Sattvik Foods can host them in several eateries and arranges the tables for the group for the demo classes. The team tries to do something which matches the theme of the eatery. These classes help you boost your marketing effort.

3. Involve with the most loyal clients

The majority of cooking class attendees is generally the guests who frequently dine at different restaurants. So, these classes make a positive cycle of reputation and relationship among the restaurants, chefs, and diners, and finally serve as a strong branding tool for the group. Ultimately, guests love these classes and chefs find fun to do. It’s really fun-filled for the guests for coming in and participating. In fact, the same guests attend many classes in a series to create more intense relationships with the chefs.

4. Show demo dishes which people can make at home

The restaurateurs or chefs are recommended for pondering cooking classes an amazing way to boost people’s talent. They need to do something which people wish to learn for making at their home. It’s definitely a key to an accomplished class. Don’t try any tedious dish which is tough for making at home. Rather invest your time in dishes which people will surely try at home for their dinner. Things should be kept simple and dishes should be made only which people want to eat.


Cooking classes at Sattvik Foods are fun-filled because they are arranged in a relaxed ambiance. Albeit the cooking expertise doesn’t maximize earlier microwaving the food, you will certainly get success in the class with customized focus and support at every step. You can excel in vegetarian cooking and build your veggie eatery brand easily by joining these classes.

Why go Vegetarian or Vegan?

People choose to go vegetarian or vegan for all sorts of reasons. Most just want to lose weight and start eating healthy. Some are guided by religion. Others believe in preserving the Earth and preventing animal cruelty. But regardless of the reason, the fact remains that having a plant-based diet is something positive. In case you’re still unsure, here are some really good reasons to go veg:

Because you want to be healthy.

Vegetarians and vegans have lower obesity rate which range from 0 to 6%, versus 11%to 15% in the general public. As we know, obesity is linked to higher risk of hypertension, heart disease and stroke, diabetes, gallbladder and liver diseases, breathing problems, and some types of cancers. It is important to note that vegetarian diets particularly help in preventing and reducing the risk of cancer. A 2009 study called “Meat Intake and Mortality” had shown that vegetarians are about 40% less likely to develop cancer compared to meat-eaters. Vegetarians and vegans get all the nutrients they need to be healthy, such as plant protein, calcium, fiber, and other essential vitamins and minerals, without all the saturated fat and cholesterol in meat that make you sick and slow you down. Having a plant-based diet is not only healthy for the body, but also for the mind. A study published in Nutrition Journal (2012, Beezhold and Johnston) reported that plant eaters have lower incidences of depression and anxiety than meat eaters.

Because you want to live longer.

Eternal youth might be too optimistic, but aside from preventing diseases, there are a lot of other scientifically-proven benefits to vegetarian living. According to Michael F. Roizen, MD, author of “The RealAge Diet: Make Yourself Younger with What You Eat”, you add roughly 13 healthy years to your life span if you switch to a plant-based diet which is rich in phytonutrients and antioxidants that slow down the aging process and strengthen the immune system.

Because you want to help the environment.

The meat industry requires huge amounts of land, water and energy – which lead to soil erosion, habitat loss, water depletion, and pollution from chemical pesticides and animal waste. Chemical and animal waste runoff from factory farms is one of the biggest threats to air and water quality, in addition to being responsible for hundreds of thousands of polluted rivers. In its 2006 report, The United Nations said that livestock generates more greenhouse gases than all the vehicles in the world combined. This means that adopting a plant-based diet can drastically reduce global warming which will help our environment.

Because you want to protect the animals.

Becoming a vegan is so much more than just watching what you eat. For many, the key factor in their decision to go vegan is their concern for animals. Around 60 billion animals are slaughtered for human consumption every year. Being labeled ‘organic’ or ‘free range’ does not justify killing animals because they fear death just as humans do. No matter how kind they are treated when alive, all animals experience fear before being slaughtered, and becoming vegan is a compassionate decision, as well as a protest against this cruel treatment.

Because you can.

Now is the best time to go veg because it’s almost effortless to find great-tasting vegetarian and vegan foods everywhere. You’ll find that almost every fast food or restaurant now offers healthy vegetarian selections on their menus, including flavorful meat alternatives, inventive salads and entrees. Even local supermarkets have vegetarian sections. If you’re staying in, the internet is a perfect tool to find great vegetarian and vegan recipes. So instead of asking yourself why go veg, the question is: Why haven’t you gone veg yet?

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