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Vegetarian Food for Family Events in San Diego

Family members are the most precious persons in this entire world. There is no comparison for the time we spend with our family members. We know that value and hence we provide the food for your Family Event in such a way that your entire family memorizes the event for a lifetime. With the right mixture of nutritious values and taste, we design the food menu for your Family Event that spell bounds the taste buds of all the age groups.

Sattvik Foods offers a wide assortment of food menus for special events and custom parties. We specialize in creating bespoke menus for any kind of event you want to host. A great party needs great food. Whether it is a birthday party, a family/friends get-together, a bachelor party, a corporate office party, or any other kind of event, we provide catering services with a customized menu to you right at your doorstep. Our niche food offerings make us different than most catering service providers.

Our company Sattvik Foods, as the name suggests, creates many varieties of Sattvik Food. Sattvik is derived from the Sanskrit word “Sattva”. Sattva is a concept from Indian Yogic philosophy. It means one that is pure, true, ethical, energetic, clean, strong, wise, and vital. Thus, a Sattvik diet is meant to include foods that adhere to this meaning. The meaning also extends to eating habits; like eating in moderation. It is similar to organic food but does not include non-vegetarian food. Sattvik diet must include naturally grown foods that are ripened and harvested by nature without any preservatives, artificial flavors, or additives. So for people who maintain a vegan diet, a Sattvik diet is a great option.

Sattvik foods are known to promote the purity of body and mind. A Sattvik diet is intended to develop a calm, stable and healthy mind. They invoke better digestion due to the high fiber content. Moreover, Sattvik Foods make you feel relatively energetic and light. Sattvik foods are also gastric friendly; they do not cause gastric upset, acidity, bloating, distension of the abdomen, and reflux. Grains, nuts, dairy products, seeds, soybean, and legumes are great sources of protein. Carbohydrates present in Sattvik foods are of natural and complex variety which is a better alternative for health as compared to simple carbohydrates. Complex carbohydrates are present in grains, fruits, legumes, etc. and simple carbohydrates are present in sugar, white flour, and syrups. Nevertheless, in many studies on the health effects of vegetarian diets, researchers have observed heterogeneous effects on mortality. One review found a decreased overall risk of causes of unnatural death, like cancer (except breast) and cardiovascular disease, in the case of vegetarian diets.

With Sattvik foods being organic while carrying so many benefits than just that, they have been gaining momentum more than ever in the past few years. It is the in-thing now. Who wouldn’t like food that is healthy, tasty, and niche at the same time? Hence, many people are turning to unique alternatives like Sattvik foods for their parties and gatherings. These are the parties wherein the hosts are appreciated for their effort and acumen to offer something unconventional. Moreover, what better place than a party to promote and introduce new people to healthy lifestyles like a Sattvik vegetarian diet. At a time when adult obesity rates are as high as 39% in the world, this is the least we could do on our part for the welfare of society.  At Sattvik Foods, we have a rich menu consisting of a plethora of snacks & appetizers, the main course, and guilt-free desserts. For special event catering services in San Diego, contact us here.

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