Between school, sports, classes, and fun, the kids are always on the go these days and need a well-balanced meal to power their active lifestyle. And as a working parent cooking wholesome and fresh vegetarian meals for the kids seven days a week, three times a day is time-consuming and stressful. That is why Sattvik Foods made it our mission to deliver ready-to-eat and nutritious vegetarian meals straight to your door.

Sattvik Foods kids meal plan service provides freshly made, kid-approved meals to nurture the children and introduce healthy eating habits right from the beginning. We try and make the meals delicious and colorful for children right from scratch using local, sustainable, organic, and fresh ingredients. Sattvik Foods offers fully prepared meals so that you can have one less stress to deal with.

We prepare vegetarian meals with the well being of the kid in mind, balancing the nutrition, taste, and portion size. All our meals are preservative and artificial color and flavor-free so that as a parent you can feel good about every meal you give to your child.

We not only create meals keeping the nutrition factor in mind but also aim to expand the young palate by introducing newer food ingredients and seasonal veggies and fruits. We are mindful of picky eaters; thus, we add vegetables in creative ways so that the kids eat it without fuss.

Why Choose Sattvik Foods for Your Child’s Meal Service

  1. Our meals are made from the highest quality, in-season, and locally sourced ingredients to ensure good health to your kids.
  2. As we offer only vegetarian food, you can be sure it is healthy, and the chances of the kid being obese are minimum. Also, vegetarian food decreases the chances of high blood pressure by 55% and reduces the risk of heart problems by almost 32%.
  3. Take away the stress of planning and preparation of the meals so you can spend more time interacting or reading or playing with your kids.
  4. You can be sure that kids are correctly nourished as our meals are nutritionally balanced and appeal to the children. All our meals are freshly made and approved by a pediatric dietitian.
  5. All our meals are a perfect balance of fiber, protein, and carbohydrates to ensure that the kids get the nutrients they need. Our meal plans promote essential nutrients such as calcium, Vitamin D, potassium, iron, etc.
  6. Our kids’ meal plan service is very flexible so you can pause or skip or cancel at any time. In case you have guests, you can even add meals when life gets busier.
  7. Our meals can be warmed in the microwave, and all the warming instructions are included in the label.

Sattvik Foods takes pride in delivering a high-quality product and hopes to fill the plate of your kids with a nutritious and delicious meal. Get in touch with us to know more about our kids’ meal plan service.

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