Immunity is highly essential to fight against diseases caused by viruses and bacteria. This is how you can protect yourself from getting ill. Health experts and nutritionists have pointed out that turmeric is a strong immunity booster. This is the product found in a kitchen, which can fight cough, cold, chest congestion, and also keeps you safeguarded from more serious and bigger ailments. So, why is turmeric (Haldi) a powerful immunity booster? Let’s find the answer by checking how turmeric can keep some health issues at bay!

Health Issues Improved by Turmeric

1. Respiratory Issues

People suffering from bronchial issues like Sinus, Sinusitis, and more face lots of issues because of lower immunity. Turmeric can help in facing such issues and developing immunity so that there must not be such type of respiratory issues.

2. Cough & Cold

Since the temperature shifts from cold to warm, it’s quite common for people to catch the flu or cold. Curcumin helps the body cleanse the respiratory tract naturally and helps fight the infection. It has anti-inflammation qualities that relieve people from the direct effect of flu or cold.

3. Viral Replication

Turmeric helps enhance the immunity and fight against a disease’s viral replication that may have a formation period ranging from one or two days to years.

4. Upper Respiratory Tract Issues

Symptoms of this ailment result in congestion of nose, bronchial asthma, cough, cold, airway because of inflammation, and occasionally affecting adults, elderly population and kids, and shortness of breathing. Inflammation compresses the airways and makes it hard for breathing. Sometimes this is associated with an excessive response by the immune system that causes severe inflammation and harm to lung tissue by free radicals. Turmeric constricts inflammation, reduces pain and congestion, and thereby boosts your breathing.

5. Viral Load

Turmeric presents all the antiviral properties by eliminating viral replication. Thereby, it reduces the viral load as well.

6. Inflammation

Turmeric suppresses a variety of inflammatory molecules that are responsible for the reasons for the damage made by viruses. Moreover, it helps eliminate symptoms and offers relief.

How Can You Use Turmeric to Boost Your Immune System?

  • Drink one glass of water with a pinch (1 gram) of Haldi alongside a piece of ginger.
  • You can have one teaspoon of honey with turmeric powder daily.
  • You can add turmeric to both cold and hot milk. For the former, use turmeric diluted in warm water and then make it cool, otherwise, if you prefer, you can add it as such.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, people are facing currently, it would not be said that Curcumin can treat or give a 100% protection against the deadly Coronavirus. But it can be still confirmed why turmeric (Haldi) is a powerful immunity booster that safeguards you better against the attack of infections. Moreover, immunity is boosted over time, not in a single day, so by practicing good habits, eating well, and leading a healthy lifestyle, you can face challenges like COVID-19 in life.