Everybody prefers good food while doing business. Perhaps you are hosting a corporate event or a business meeting in San Diego with many clients or colleagues where you will require feeding people lunch for the day. Hiring a corporate lunch box catering in San Diego can help you plan lunch for your clients and colleagues. However, before hiring corporate lunch box catering in San Diego, you must ask promising catering firms some questions to ensure they are the best fit for your gathering.

1. Ask how much experience they have

Ask whether they have catered to the same event before and ask for references. In case you are catering to a gala lunch event at a San Diego venue, or a small business meeting, they must be prepared and equipped for meeting your needs. When they offer references, follow-up them, and ask their experience as a San Diego catering company.

Also ensure they are experienced in serving your venue, else your caterer could fail in serving your guests, like doors which are locked or going by stairs as there is no availability of elevator. In case they haven’t catered to your selected venue before, you should review all the logistics with them, so they are ready for managing everything smoothly amid your business event.

2. Ask what their charges incorporate

Mostly a venue will already have things like chairs and tables. However, you might often require that offered, alongside wait staff and other equipment. Ask your corporate lunch box catering company whether they offer all of that and that incorporate in charges or not. Also ask whether they have any recent task that month, either on service requests or food products.

Sometimes other requirements come with hidden charges also. So ask if things like drinks, sides, napkins, condiments, silverware, cups and plates are incorporated in their charges or there is an up-cost for any of those products. Also, ask whether they have any other hidden fees for setup and delivery. Ask the caterer to provide a written detail and summary of services including your package pricing. If they refuse to do that, they are not the right option for you.

3. Ask about their presentation options

Renting equipment from another supplier for your caterer for serving food can be worse. While plastic-wear and paper may be amazing for some lunch events, relying on the style and your intention, there are other times where you will plan an event that needs better presentation like silverware and real china. Ask your potential caterer whether they can accommodate various event styles with no requirement of the second vendor’s involvement. Your caterer should be the one-stop-shop for setup, foods, and services.


Corporate lunch box catering in San Diego can be as easy or as fancy as you select to make it. Contact Sattvik Foods, a San Diego lunch caterer with a good reputation and plenty of experience. They have plenty of options on their catering menu and you will surely have a unique and delicious meal every day.